zaterdag 24 juni 2017

::: Zaailing #10 ::: Tong :::

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ZAAILINGEN is een samenwerking tussen schrijfster Kirstin Vanlierde en tekenaar Jurgen Walschot.
Zaailingen zijn creatieve scheuten, waarbij tekenaar en schrijfster mekaar afwisselend uitdagen. Zij schrijft bij de beelden en hij tekent bij de woorden.


Een van mijn diva's...


A ballet dancer alike, she waltzes through the millennia.

She has known dinosaurs. She has hidden Norsemen and knights as they lay in ambush. She has covered kings as they fell at her feet to bleed and die.

Once she was a diva who could defy the crowns of trees, now her feathered tentacles turn pirouettes between the creepers and the rotting leaves. Those who shake their heads in pity are mistaken. This is no defeat.

They have disappeared ingloriously – the brachiosaurs, the knights and godly kings, their blood and bodies decayed into the very soil from which she feeds. She is still here. And every vein in her body is a story, spiraling down to an every deeper place.

If she once withstood the passionate storms brought down by the sun and the wind on everything that reaches for the light, now she flirts with the twilight, where birds peck the damp earth, where songs of the smallest crawlers resound, and the moist whisperings of moss.

The spores she trails are endless. Time meanders through her curves, deeper than a lover could. By learning how to please him, she has bested him. One by one, gracefully and leisurely, she uncurls her tongues.

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