woensdag 20 september 2017

::: Sapling #16 ::: Underground ::: Zaailing #16

Underground ©Jurgen Walschot


Silently the earth weaves a web of passages under her surface. The cavities in her womb are connected to each other by water, stone or air. 

Man, scared and searching for shelter, doesnt need to tunnel his way in. Willingly she opens her underground territories to him. 

Deep down, in the furthest cave, he builds base camp. As the licking light of the flames is waking the spirits, man draws his dreams on the walls in streaks of charcoal and red ochre. They will outlive him, as their wordless story continues. 

A dance with the living, and the dead. 

Ondergronds /// ©K.Vanlierde & J.Walschot


The SAPLING series is a joint project with writer Kirstin Vanlierde.
Saplings are creative sprouts. She will write to the images, I will draw to the words.


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